Hot Hot Hot - tour time coming up!

Well it's been a super fun and diverse summer so far, and it's only halfway done!  I had the opportunity to play fiddle for both The Paperboys (Vancouver icons of celtic/folk/pop/rock for 26 years), and Locarno (Son Jarocho, Cumbia, Forro) while their fiddler Kalissa Hernandez took a quick break to have a beautiful little baby!  I also got to play with Israeli guitarist/pianist/composer Itamar Erez which was a super challenging and fun ride.  I did a couple shows with my Capoeira Ache Brasil crew, and threw in a couple weddings just to mix it up.  Now it's time to hit the road for 2 weeks in the Midwest/South/West Coast United States with Delhi 2 Dublin.  It's been a while but I'm sure we remember how to pack, and throw down!  Stay cool out there!