give the gift of music this holiday season!

A little Christmas Special for you! Up until Dec. 24th I’m offering a FREE 1-hour skype (or online) lesson for every new registrant to the course. (The lesson can be booked for anytime within the next year). Give the gift of music that’ll last a lifetime this holiday!

This thirteen lesson course is designed to help you become the groovy, unique and confident fiddler you've always wanted to be!

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Choose from one full payment, or pay in installments over the course of 3 months.  Each option gives you immediate lifetime access to all course material.

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What you will learn in this course:


- Bowing Patterns including the Nashville Shuffle, Georgia Shuffle, and Celtic Slurring Pattern

- Bow Distribution

- Attacks & Ghosting notes

- Pulses


- Turns/Rolls

- Hits

- Cuts

- Hammer-Ons

- Double Stops


- Tips on Learning by Ear

- Ear Training Practive

- Common Scales & Arpeggios used in fiddle tunes

Have you ever said

"I grew up playing classical violin but want to try playing fiddle music"

"I know I can play these tunes but they just don't groove like other fiddle players' "

"I used to play violin, and I'm getting back into it now"

"How DO they sound like that?"

"I can read music but learning fiddle tunes by ear is really hard."

"I really want to learn to play the fiddle but there are no teachers in my neighbourhood"

"I just want to play fiddle music cause it's awesome!"

......Then this course is for you.

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Why they love it!

"Serena Eades is an amazing multi-style fiddle player, and she is also an incredible teacher who knows how to translate all the detail work that she’s done over the years and make it accessible to novice fiddle students. Since she has transitioned so wonderfully from being a classical player to the world of fiddling she is able to clearly share all of the tricks of the trade that allow her to sound so great on stage. Get this series, it’s really amazing, there’s nothing else like it. You can thank me later." Matt Glaser – Artistic Director of the American Roots Music Program at the Berklee College of Music

"Great way to pop in and out of a 'class' on your own time. I love how Serena's instruction is clear, concise and fun. Looking forward to more of it!" S. Bruce - Student

"I am writing to express how much I have enjoyed and learned from the lessons you created. First, I usually can't find information on bowing techniques. You have included such a great variety of wonderful information about the bowing styles of fiddling. Next, I like how the tunes are taught with explanations for everything, not just the tune itself. You do a great job explaining everything. Lastly ,you have a really great format that I find easy to follow and understand. Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us." J. Flud - Student

"Thanks a lot for sharing Serena, been struggling with fiddling techniques for quite a while. your approach seems more understanding and attainable than most other tutorials I have watched before" - D. Gill - Student